"He makes everything beautiful in its time." Ecclesiastes 3:11

Friday, May 1, 2015

Beauty Amidst Crisis

I woke up around 2 in the morning of April 29th and checked my Twitter feed. Tears welled up inside my eyes and my heart as I smiled when I read one tweet. My fellow Filipina, Mary Jane Veloso, was spared!

I do not have a television at home but thanks to the wonder of the internet, I've known the news as soon as it unfolded. It was an answered prayer!

The truth always has an unspeakable beauty to it. It is a rare kind of strength and calmness that is displayed in the midst of high-strung news. That is the beauty I saw in Mary Jane as I read of her execution by firing squad in Indonesia.

Prior her scheduled death, she wrote three letters. They were farewell messages from a person who has undoubtedly accepted her fate and, more than that, remained selfless through it all. She had grace that can only come from a person who has truly placed her life in the hands of her Creator.

"Kahit gahibla na lang ang oras na natitira, kung gusto ng Panginoon na mabuhay ako, bubuhayin pa Niya ako." - Mary Jane Veloso

Mary Jane Veloso during the Women's Day celebration in Wirogunan Penitentiary. Photo grabbed from Rappler.com.

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