"He makes everything beautiful in its time." Ecclesiastes 3:11

Thursday, April 16, 2015

As He Sees It

Who is he?

Does he think I'm pretty?

I wonder what he likes.

I wonder if he likes what I like.

I wonder what he thinks about me.

Does he like me?

We'll look perfect together.

I hope he asks me out.

Could he be the one?

Does he think I'm the one?

Am I good enough?

She's so pretty but I can't get near her.

He's so gorgeous but he's so full of himself.

Is there a way out?

"Ganda" is the Filipino word for beauty. For centuries it's been said that "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." What one finds beautiful may be ugly for another. Even so, there seems to be a standard of beauty that the whole world agrees with, right?

Have you realized that we usually think of beauty in the perspective of another? We find affirmation when other people agree with what we think is beautiful. It's like an automatic, subconscious thing.

But what about beauty that goes beyond physical and cultural norms? Real beauty. Beauty that "comes from within." Beauty that matters. Beauty that invites. Beauty that is, as what Jon and Stasi Eldredge wrote about, captivating.

Beauty that I can only write as far as my 30-something female perspective can take me in the hopes of inspiring others to see beauty in themselves as He sees them.

A chat I had with one of my single lady friends spurred me to put up this blog, Ganda Issues, to explore the problem areas - issues - of self-esteem, faith, relationships and communication and how they contribute to what we behold as real beauty. If you're reading this, believe it or not, you ARE beautiful.

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